General terms and conditions of sale

Version française – Conditions générales de vente

Article 1 – Generalities

These general terms and conditions of sale apply to all sale operations concluded by “EURL Les Voyageurs”, 19320 Saint-Martin la Méanne with nonprofessional travelers, customers for a stay in guest rooms or in a gite. The balance is payable on the day of arrival.

The present general conditions are part of the sale contract.


Article 2 – Capacity

Any client of “EURL Les Voyageurs”, 19320 Saint-Martin la Méanne, recognizes he or she has the capacity to contract on the terms described in the sales conditions presented hereafter, i.e. he or she is over eighteen and isn’t under guardianship or curatorship.

Any client of “EURL Les Voyageurs”, 19320 Saint-Martin la Méanne, recognizes having read the present sales conditions before placing an order. Thereafter, order taking leads to full adherence to the general sales terms and conditions of “EURL Les Voyageurs, 19320 Saint-Martin la Méanne, and unconditional acceptance of the entirety of their dispositions.


Article 3 – Tariffs

All prices on the website are displayed in euros (€). They are likely to be revised once a year and must be confirmed when booking. VAT is always included.

Tariffs with particular rules are provided on an indicative basis. We will inform you about potential modifications before confirmation of your reservation.


Article 4- Tourist Tax

The tourist tax is a local tax the customer must pay to the owner who refunds it to the government treasury. Its rate is fixed by the Vallée de la Dordogne Tourist Authority.


Article 5 – Online payment

“EURL Les Voyageurs”, 19320 Saint-Martin la Méanne accepts only the following credit cards: Carte Bleue, Visa, American Express, Eurocard / Mastercard.


Article 6 – Force majeure

“EURL Les Voyageurs”, 19320 Saint-Martin la Méanne, can free from its obligations or suspend its execution if it finds itself under the impossibility to ensure them because of an event that is beyond its will or control, together with when due to force majeure, particularly in case of total or partial destruction of the establishment, strike, disaster, fire, internal or external technical accident and, in general, any event that does not allow the roper execution of services.

By force majeure we mean any event external to the parts being unpredictable and insurmountable that prevents the customer when carrying out his or her travel, from executing all or a part of the obligations fixed by the contract.

It is the case during a strike of transport or staff, insurrection, riot and whatever prohibition decreed by governmental or public authorities.

It is agreed that force majeure cases suspend, for all parts, the execution of their obligations.


Article 7 – Claims

Any claim must be sent to “EURL Les Voyageurs”, 19320 Saint-Martin la Méanne, by registered letter within 30 days after the stay subjected to claim.


Article 8 – General rules related to accommodation and stay

I. Arrival : When arriving, the customer must present an ID card.

II. Availability : “EURL Les Voyageurs”, 19320 Saint-Martin la Méanne, is committed to make bedrooms available from 3 p.m. and the gite from 4 p.m.

III. Departure : Bedrooms must be vacated before 12 a.m. and the gite before 10 a.m.. After this deadline, an extra night will be invoiced.

IV. Behaviour : The customer must behave according to usages and rules. In particular, he must respect other people’s calm. Any serious or repeated breach of these rules gives the owner the right to terminate the contract without any delay and prior notice.

V. Ban on smoking : It is absolutely prohibited to smoke in all the establishment (except the gite). Smoking in bedrooms or common parts will be fined 50,00 €.

VI. Damage to property : Any damage caused by the customer in a bedroom or common parts during his stay will be invoiced.

VII. Theft, loss & deterioration : The establishment won’t be held responsible for theft, loss or deterioration of the luggage stored by clients in common parts of the establishment, in an unlocked bedroom or in the car on the parking lot.

VIII. Animals : Animals are accepted in the gite for free and in the guest rooms for 5,00 extra euros per night. Nevertheless, any damage caused by the animal in the bedroom, the gite or common parts during its stay will be invoiced.

IX. Breakfast : Breakfast is served between 7 a.m. and 10 A.m. in the living room, in the bedroom (on a tray) or in the garden (depending on the weather.


Article 9 – Reservation conditions

Reservation can be done online, through the reservation module, by email or by telephone. It becomes definitive when the customer will have forwarded to the owner a deposit corresponding to 30% of the total cost of the stay for the bedroom and 25% of the total cost of the stay for the gite.

The deposit will have to be collected within five working days at the latest, from the reservation request by cheque ( to EURL Les Voyageurs), by bank transfer or by bank debit card (in situ or remotely).

Upon receipt, the reservation will be confirmed by mail or e-mail with the details of the reserved provision as a contract value.


Article 10 – Cancellation at the behest of the customer

Any cancellation must be notified in writing, either by e-mail or by registered letter.

  • If the cancellation occurs more than a fortnight before the date of arrival, the establishment will refund the cashed deposit.
  • If the cancellation occurs less than a fortnight before the date of arrival, the deposit will not be refunded by the establishment which reserves the right to ask for the balance of the stay cost.
  • In case of no show, the present contract becomes invalid and the owner can dispose of his bedrooms or his gite. The deposit remains acquired by the owner who will, in addition, ask for the payment of the stay balance.


Article 11 – SPA space

I. The sole fact to use the SPA binds the user to accept its rules.

II. Schedules: from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

III. Users: The use of the SPA is only reserved to the members of the owner’s family and to people staying in the guest rooms.

IV. Children: Any child under 13, unaccompanied by an adult relative, is not allowed to have access and use the SPA. Its use is under complete supervision and responsibility of parents.

V. Manners & respect: This space is a place of wellness and relaxation. Consequently, it is agreed the calm of the place and the other users must be respected.

VI. Attire: The use of bathing suits is compulsory near the SPA and when using it.

VII. Food & beverages: It is prohibited to bring food and beverages in the SPA, except water.

VIII. Towels: Customers must use the towels available for the SPA. Bedroom bath towels are not intended to be used outside guest rooms.

IX. The owner, in case of repeated breach of one of these articles, can prohibit access to the SPA even if he has agreed to do so without any compensation.


Article 12 – Claim treatment and litigation

Any disagreement concerning the interpretation or the execution of the contract and which would not have been amicably settled will go before the courts of Brive la Gaillarde.


Article 13 – Law on Computing and Freedom

In accordance with the law of January 6, 1998, you benefit from the right of access and rectification to your personal data. “EURL Les Voyageurs”, 19320 Saint-Martin la Méanne, agrees not to transmit any information you have disclosed to other societies or organizations.